About Conduit Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health located in Baltimore, MD

Conduit Behavioral Health

Conduit Behavioral Health, situated in the vibrant city of Baltimore, Maryland, is a patient-focused healthcare practice under the expert guidance of the medical director, Temika Heyward, PhD, FNP, CRNP, PMH. With a dedication to promoting mental well-being, the clinic provides a comprehensive range of services catering to individuals aged five and older

At Conduit Behavioral Health, the team specializes in addressing a wide spectrum of mental health concerns, including anxiety disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They’re equipped to deliver tailored solutions that meet each patient’s unique needs.

Conduit Behavioral Health provides services that include individual counseling, family counseling, medication management, and the treatment of substance use disorders. The team of mental health professionals believes in providing a holistic approach to mental health care, acknowledging the importance of the individual and their familial and social situations.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, Conduit Behavioral Health extends the option of telehealth appointments for patients who may find it challenging to visit the practice physically. This convenient alternative ensures that high-quality care remains within reach for all.

For those in the Baltimore, Maryland, area seeking a comprehensive evaluation or who are ready to initiate a journey toward improved mental health, contact the warm and friendly office staff today to schedule an appointment. You can reach them by phone or online when ready to take a step toward mental well-being.